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WikiLivingReviews (WLR) is an independent platform supported by WikiLetters. WikiLivingReviews is complementary to a number of other platforms supporting science. It allows journals, scientists, researchers, students and maybe others to build up the so-called Living-Reviews in science. The concept behind Living-Reviews in science opens the possibility for specific contents to evolve alongside new scientific information which is produced. Therefore, a Wiki-ecosystem is very suitable to support these kind of reviews.

Following the wiki-ecosystem, here you are not required to provide your personal details, and here your submitted connections becomes available online instantaneously so others can have access to all.

WikiLivingReviews (Content contribution)Edit

To contribute to WikiLivingReviews is fairly simple, and quite similar to creating a Wikipedia article.

A similar written explanation for consideration:

, and a few tutorials for consideration:

You need to initially search for a title (e.g. Ecosystem based adaptation implemented in the coastal zone) inside WikiLivingReviews to confirm it's non-existence. The confirmation of non-existence would provide you a result displaying the sentence:

Create the page "Ecosystem based adaptation implemented in the coastal zone" on this wiki!

From this point, you are welcome to click over the title in red to create this new Living Reviews for Science.

WikiLetters.orgEdit is a dynamic-database highlighting and integrating what seems to genuinely support science (directly/indirectly). WikiLetters also supports the advancement of the following services for #BuildingBetterScience:


A database providing Letters of caveats about papers.


A database providing peer-reviewed Comments about papers.


A database displaying articles that cited retractions.


A database displaying articles retracted from the scientific system.


A database displaying minor corrections about papers in the level of Erratum / Corrigendum / Improper-Citation.


A database to support Living Reviews based upon a Wiki-ecosystem.

WL-Systematic Review SREdit

A dynamic-method for Systematic Reviews.

WikiJournal of ScienceEdit

A scientific journal free and transparent in all levels.


A system connecting information and data to humans and machines under the wiki-ecosystem.


A bridge between Wikidata and Science.


A system processing citations to strengthen Wikipedia articles.

Wikiversity Edit

A bridge between Universities and the Wiki-ecosystem.

Additional relevant databasesEdit

* RetractionWatch (news about retractions)
* PubPeer (notes)


Here you have the freedom to append new information at any time, and to comment in this section using this space below.